Six Strategies To Keep Your Home Safer

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When you think of ways to make your home a bit safer, you may overlook some fairly basic, practical strategies. Adopt the following practices in your own home to reduce incidents that could put you or your loved ones in jeopardy.

Six strategies to make your home a bit safer include the following:

Pave the exterior surfaces.

Taking a tumble on the uneven surfaces around your home can result in injuries, and rough driveways may cause damage to your vehicle over time. The best way to approach safety outside the home is with paved surfaces, walkways, and drives. Seal coating, with companies such as ASAP Asphalt Sealing & Paving Co.,  is a quick and affordable way to flatten and smooth the areas around your home, making them easier to walk on and drive across.

Invest in an alarm service.

There are numerous alarm services and systems that will suit any budget, and many offer monthly rates for monitoring without hefty installment fees. These systems and services are ideal to keep homes and loved ones safe from intruders, burglars, or predators.

Keep the property well-lit.

Keep your home well-lit to deter any intruders that might be targeting empty homes, and to give it the feeling of being occupied. Another advantage of keeping your yard and home well-lit is that it will curb stumbles and falls, which will go a long way toward preventing injuries. If you are planning to be away, try setting your lights on a timer to give it a lived-in look.

Take in the mail.

If you go away, for a night or a month, be sure to enlist someone to take in your mail. Piles of mail are a sure sign to a burglar that the home is empty. Avoid potential intrusions by asking a neighbor, friend, or coworker to pick up mail, packages, or newspapers outside your home during your absence.

Adopt a dog.

Intruders are less likely to approach a house that is home to a barking dog. Posting signage that indicates a dog is on the property is another discreet way to send a message that you have a dog on the premise. Keep your pet contained at all times, with a fence on your property, to ensure that the dog doesn't get injured or wreak havoc in the neighborhood.

Clean out the garage.

There are a number of toxic chemicals that could be lurking in your garage. It is pragmatic to clean out these potentially-harmful substances from time to time, to ensure that pets and loved ones don't accidentally ingest them. Keep these items tightly covered and high-up on a shelf or in a cabinet in the garage for added safety.

These six suggestions will help to keep you and your loved ones a lot safer in your home. These techniques are easy to implement, and will provide an added sense of security for homeowners. Try these strategies to curb the risk of an incident that could result in injuries, issues, or problems around your home.


24 November 2014

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