Why You Should Go Green With Your Commercial Roof

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Getting a new roof for your commercial business is an investment that you should carefully consider, as installation of the right one can last decades with little or no maintenance. Whether you’re interested in improving your existing commercial property or need to replace an aging roof, there are advantages to going green with a flat roof. Good For Your Wallet Hiring a commercial roofing contractor to install a green roof can cost you about twice the amount of having shingles, the most affordable option for roofing. But green roofs outlast other options by decades, and they can significantly reduce energy costs due to the heat island effect–which keeps your roof as cool as the air temperature, even in the hottest months. Better For The Environment Flat roofs that are green use less materials, like shingles or sheet metal, and take advantage of natural materials that are sustainable, like the rubber membrane that underlays living material. The vegetation that makes up the uppermost layer, or living layer, of your roof is completely sustainable and requires little or no maintenance over time. Green roofs also reduce water run-off so complex drainage is avoided, and they provide an ecosystem that birds, butterflies, bees, and other insects will appreciate. Installing a roof that breathes on top of your commercial building also helps to improve the air quality in the surrounding environment. And because green roofs offer better insulation for the structure beneath, the energy costs that your wallet loves will simultaneously help reduce demands on the ecosystem. Makes A Statement Making upgrades to a flat roof that utilizes green technologies is not only a smart investment, it provides beautiful results that customers and clients can appreciate. Green roofs give stunning results that will make your commercial property stand out in the crowd, and they can be designed with a number of different species in mind for a unique aesthetic effect. With intensive flat roofs, entire parks with trees, shrubs, and seating can be situated on top of your building. These roofs are not only beautiful to look at, they can help your business make a statement with current or potential clients and customers, letting them know that you’re interested in participating in eco-friendly commerce. If you own a commercial building and hadn’t considered upgrading your current roof, there are real advantages to going green. Though installing a green roof can cost you more up front, the benefits it provides your business, your wallet, and ultimately the environment should give you enough incentive to have one installed. Talk to a roofer like Allendorfer Roofing to learn more about the benefits of green...

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Is Your Home Eco-Friendly? 3 Ways You Can Go Green While Building Or Maintaining Your Home

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Do you ever think about what happens to construction materials when they are hauled away from the work site? While some contractors recycle everything they can, much of what they can’t goes into landfills. Although they do their best, they can’t do recycle alone. It’s up to you as a consumer to do more. So, if you’re building a new home or repairing or remodeling the one you have, the choices you make go a long way in helping your contractor go green. Following are three ways you can make environmentally choices during construction. Purchase Green Building Materials You can almost always find a greener alternative when purchasing materials for your construction project. Whether you’re replacing your roof, adding a room or building a brand new home, look for products that are environmentally friendly. Since you can find a recycled or re-purposed version of just about any building material you can think of, it’s not as hard as it might seem. If you’re not sure where to begin, work with contractors who are familiar with building green homes.  Look for Ways to Save Energy With any construction project, it’s important to look for ways to make your home more energy efficient. By installing energy efficient appliances and light bulbs, you can dramatically lessen the amount of energy needed to run your home. Additionally, you can look for environmentally friendly ways to generate the energy you need. For example, installing solar panels for electricity generation or a cistern to collect rainwater can dramatically lower your carbon footprint. What’s more, it will save you money on utility bills each month. And who doesn’t love to save money? Lessen Your Impact in the Environment Around Your Home Construction projects often result in trees being cut down, streams being diverted and critters being ousted from their natural habitat. While some manipulation of the environment is unavoidable during construction projects, you can make choices that will allow you to lessen your impact on the natural environment around your home. To this end, many architects and contractors have started designing houses around the natural landscape instead of the other way around.  As you can see, there are many ways you can help your contractor and places like Earhart Roofing Company Inc complete an environmentally friendly construction project. From choosing green materials to refusing to cut down trees and manipulate the environment, you can get the house you want while doing your part to save the...

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