Learn Three Myths About Elevator Escapes The Movie Industry Has Convoluted

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The movies often make it look like it is easy to get out of a stuck elevator during an emergency. In actuality, getting out of a stuck elevator is not nearly as easy as they make it seem in the movies. The following guide walks you through a few of the myths that you've seen in films when it comes to getting out of a stuck elevator.

Climb Through the Roof Hatch

Many movies show individuals cracking the hatch on the roof of the elevator open and climbing on top of the roof so that they can climb up the side of the elevator shaft to safety. This is not possible in real life though. The roof hatch opens from the outside of the elevator. It is designed to open with a latch and will be nearly impossible to open from the inside of the elevator. Also, climbing up the elevator shaft is never a good idea because there is a good chance you would be electrocuted during the climb.

Pry the Doors Open

In the movies, people are able to pry the doors open with their bare hands and climb out of the elevator to safety. This is not possible in real life because the elevators have a safety mechanism on them that allows the doors to only open when they stop on a floor. That means an elevator that is stuck near the next floor may be able to be opened if you wedge something between the doors.

Smoking in the Elevator is Acceptable

In the movies, people get stressed and choose to light up a cigarette while they are in the elevator. If you were to light a cigarette, there is an alarm that would go off and more than likely turn off the power to the elevator right away. That means that you could be stuck in the elevator for even longer because the mechanic will have to not only get elevator to open, but now he or she will have to reset the alarm first.

If you find yourself stuck in an elevator, it is best to avoid all of these myths you have seen in the movies. It is best to just stay put and wait for emergency personnel to come and get you out of the elevator. There is an emergency button on the control panel that you should be able to push to alert authorities that you are stuck. Push the button and within a few minutes, someone should be working to get the elevator unstuck.  

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9 April 2015

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