About Managing Wastewater By Investing In A Septic Tank System For Your Home

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Did you purchase a home in a rural area with no access to a municipal sewer plant? Investing in a septic tank system is something you must consider it you want to manage the wastewater coming out of your home. Find out below how a septic tank system is able to manage wastewater, as well as an estimate of what tank pumping will cost.

How is Wastewater Managed by a Septic Tank System?

A septic tank system is able to manage wastewater by filtering it and then draining it in a way that protects soil. The system is able to work by way of connection to the plumbing system in your house. Each time there is a need for wastewater to be disposed of, it is sent into the tank of the septic system where it is then separated into three layers. The layers will consist of the solids that sink due to weight, solids that remain floating on the surface and liquid waste that will be in the middle of the solids.

After the wastewater is separated in the tank, the liquids will be sent into the drainfield of the system. The drainfield is a series of pipes that are buried under the soil. The pipes have holes in them because they are needed for making sure the liquid waste is distributed in an even manner, as it can prevent a pond of wastewater from forming. Gravel is also used in the drainfield because it regulates the seepage of liquid waste into the soil by making the process happen slowly instead of fast.

The waste remaining inside of the septic tank will have to be pumped out by a professional. However, some of the waste will naturally go away due to the presence of bacteria.

How Much Does a Professional Charge for Septic Tank Pumping?

The cost for a professional to pump out your septic tank will depend on how many gallons it is. You are looking to spend up to $350 plus on average. However, you can end up paying up to $2,000 plus if you want the drainfield lines cleaned and other complex work done to make the system more efficient.

A septic tank system is the best way to manage wastewater in a rural area without a municipal sewer plant. Get in touch with a contractor like one from All County Operations to get your system installed so you won't have to deal with flooded soil from wastewater!


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