How To Keep Your Window Screens In Good Shape In Homes With Cats

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While you may enjoy opening the windows at home to allow in a cool breeze, it could lead to damage to the window screens if you have cats. Luckily, with some preparations, you can prevent any damage to the screens and the need for repairs by focusing on a few key things. With the following tips, you'll be able to maintain the condition of your window screens, even with cats that enjoy looking outside.

Position Furniture Away from the Windows

A good place to start if you want to keep your cats away from the windows is by positioning the furniture a good distance away. Positioning a sofa or table, for example, right next to the window can tempt your cat to climb up and become curious about scratching the screen.

Install Screen Covers to Prevent Claw Marks

The most effective way to prevent scratching to the window screens is by installing covers. These window guards can help add some extra protection to the screens themselves, but may not be as attractive or invisible as standard screens.

Avoid Opening the Windows Entirely

Only opening your windows a few inches can be a good way to ensure that your cats won't get their claws on the screens. While you'll be sacrificing some of the air flow that comes with fully opening the windows, no extra costs are involved and your window screens will still be protected.

Dedicate Some Time for Deterrent Training

While it may seem impossible to train cats, some effort towards teaching your cat to stay away from the windows can pay off. Having a spray bottle full of water handy as a deterrent and using treats to encourage your cat to stay away from the windows is doable. It can make a big difference in the likeliness of your cat doing any damage to the screens.

Set Up a Few Windows Specifically for the Cats

If you don't want to buy window screen guards for the windows throughout your entire home, it can be a good idea to set up a few specific windows just for your cats to use. Some good ideas include setting up window perches on the windows you want them to use, along with making sure guards are in place to prevent claw marks.

While replacing window screens can be affordable, it takes time and can be easily avoided even with cats around. By making a few changes to the window screens, you can make sure that your cats won't damage them at all. If your cats do end up damaging your screens somehow, consider contacting a local professional for your window screen repair needs.


21 July 2015

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