2 Appliances That Can Save You Room In Your Kitchen

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If your kitchen is a little small or you just want more room, one place you can start with is your appliances. If your current appliances have a lot of age on them, this gives you an excuse to purchase new ones. Below is some information about two appliances you may want to consider. 

Under the Counter Microwave

A microwave oven is a much-used appliance in many kitchens. It usually sits on a countertop, or installed over a stove. You can now purchase microwaves that you install underneath your countertop. It works much like a drawer, as the door on the microwave slides open instead of swings like it normally would.

You can save a lot of counter space if you purchase this type of microwave, and no longer will you have to look at this bulky appliance in your kitchen. This microwave offers more convenience also. When removing a hot dish, a hot cup of coffee, etc., you can take it out and place it on the countertop above the microwave instead of finding a place for it across the kitchen.

If your child is old enough to use your microwave, an under the counter microwave is kid friendly. When they are standing in front of the microwave and it is over their head, they may get burned when pulling out a hot dish or beverage. With the microwave lowered, they can now cook a bag of popcorn or any other microwavable food much safer and easier because it will be more at their level.

Under the Counter Stove

You can find stoves that have all the controls on the front so you can install them under your counter. In many cases, they are the same size as a standard stove so you can easily remove the old one, and install the new one. These stoves often come with features such as being able to adjust the size of the burners, and controls that slant towards you. If you install an under the counter stove, you may want to consider also installing a backsplash behind it if your kitchen does not already have one.

Visit an appliance store today (such as Appliance Service Co Inc.) to look at these microwaves and stoves. You will likely find other appliances that have been updated. This is a great way to change the look of your kitchen, and it will even make it look larger with all the extra space you will have. 


18 August 2015

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