Removing Toys Dropped Down Drains Is Not Child’s Play

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Clogs in drains are frequently disasters-in-waiting. A clog causes flooding which, in turn, leads to potentially massive damage to an interior. Mercifully, certain clogs are pretty easy to deal with. Pouring drain cleaner breaks down the obstruction and opens up the pipes. When a little kid (or a big kid) drops a toy down a drain, however, the problem with a clogged drain becomes a bit more complicated. Drain cleaner is not exactly going to melt a toy helicopter made of metal and plastic. DIY steps to clear the out could lead to an even bigger disaster. A Plunger is a No-Go Reaching for a plunger is probably the first step taken soon after a toy helicopter is dropped or flushed. Honestly, a plunger could end up making things a lot worse. Plungers create suction that can pull apart and loosen clumps of tissue, food, soap scum, and other refuse. Tissue is malleable. A toy helicopter is not. The plunger may move the helicopter around and allow it to sink deeper into the plumbing or septic lines. The end result here is now it becomes a lot harder and costlier to get the toy out or deal with clogs filling lengthier amounts of pipe. Don’t DIY Without Experience There are some “simple” steps suggested to deal with a toy-clogged drain. The two-pronged plan of using plumbing wire and, if that fails, removing the toilet to eliminate the obstruction is best left to someone who knows a little bit about plumbing. For one, the wire could end up getting stuck or dropped down the drain creating more problems. A plumber using a professional-grade rooter could smash up that helicopter or any other toy with ease. Creating more obstructions with a lost DIY wire might necessitate removing pieces of pipe underneath the home. Removing the toilet is probably another bad idea unless you know how to properly caulk the toilet when putting it back. Caulking is one of those jobs that looks easy, but actually requires a lot of deliberate care. Even slight imperfections in in the new caulking will allow moisture to enter. The end result may be massive damage to the floor and further costly repairs. Call The Clog an Emergency To call dropping a toy down a drain an emergency is not an overreaction. Damage to the pipes and floods in the home are serious matters. The best way to deal with the situation is to call a local plumber like Ken Tyson Plumbing right...

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Clean Your Gutters Every Fall Or Never Clean Them Again: How Gutter Products Make A Difference

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Gutter installers have already begun to receive phone calls this year as autumn begins in the farthest Northern points of the U.S. and leaves and twigs have begun filling gutters. If you find that you just cannot push yourself to climb another ladder and clean another gutter, there is help for you. You can also avoid the annual expense of hiring someone else to clean your gutters with some very useful gutter products and accessories. The Cheapest Gutter Accessory–Foam Gutter foam is the cheapest option available to you. Pre-cut sections of angled foam allow for water, melted snow and melted ice to pass through, while the debris of autumn sits on top of the foam wedges until it dries out and blows away. The one down side is that an accumulation of wet leaves can sit on top of the foam and create molding mess that draws bugs and spreads the mold to your roof eaves. If you utilize gutter heaters to melt snow and ice to prevent ice dams, this also presents a problem because you cannot leave the heaters in the gutters with the foam wedges. The Second Choice-Gutter Filters In long, snap-on sections of what looks like a cheese grater you can find help with gutter filters. These are especially nice because they snap on, precipitation flows right through them, some lesser particles of debris can flow through, and larger debris flows right over the top and onto the ground. Nothing gets caught, stuck or messy, and you will not have to clean your gutters for several years in a row. (Eventually you might want to climb up and make sure the collection of small debris particles, the pieces that can actually fit through the filters, has not accumulated and become a blockage. With the filters, this will take a long time, but cleaning occurs less than annually, and that might be enough of a break for you.) Full-on Gutter Guards This gutter product replaces your gutters entirely with a hooded gutter. All large debris slips off the vinyl tops of the gutter guards while precipitation runs down into the very narrow opening of the gutters underneath. Most gutter guard products are guaranteed to prevent any gutter cleaning at all for the next decade or more, and this type of accessory is easily and quickly installed by gutter installers who sell gutter guard systems. They are the most expensive accessory because they require the complete replacement of your current gutters, but they will pay for themselves after just a couple of years. For professional gutter care, contact a company such as Tingley’s Seamless...

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