How To Repoint The Mortar In A Brick Chimney

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The mortar between the bricks in a chimney should leave no place for water to settle. This will prevent water from pooling up, freezing, and damaging the chimney through the process of frost wedging. Over time, however, the mortar in your chimney can start to wear out, and as it does, it can lead to damage to the bricks in your chimney. Whenever you notice that the mortar in your chimney is starting to fail, you need to act to repair it. 

Recognizing Damage to Your Chimney

Damage to mortar can be hard to see from a distance and hard to recognize if you don't know what you are looking for. Thus, if the damage is near the top of your chimney, you will either need to use a ladder or climb up on your roof to get a good look at it. The first thing to look for once your are in place, is for mortar that is not flush with the face of the bricks that make up your chimney. Next, you should look for mortar that is cracked or crumbling. If you find these signs, you need to make repairs. 

Repointing Your Chimney

Making repairs to the mortar in a brick structure is known as repointing. Follow these steps to repoint your chimney:

1. Use a chisel and hammer to chip away any crumbling or cracked mortar. 

2. Mix up a batch of mortar. Use two parts sand to one part cement and enough water to make a thick paste. 

3. Put this mixture in a mortar bag.

4. Squeeze the mortar carefully into the cracks between the bricks. 

5. Let the mortar dry for at least an hour. 

6. Use a trowel to scrape away any mortar that sticks out past the face of the bricks in your chimney, making sure that you don't remove so much mortar that it is no longer even with the surrounding bricks. 

If you don't repair damaged mortar in a chimney, it will continue to erode. When it does, it will no longer support the bricks of your chimney like it should, and they crack and or fall out. Thus, to keep your chimney looking good and to help it retain its structural integrity, you need to make sure that you inspect your chimney mortar regularly and make repairs when necessary. If you are uncomfortable making your repairs for any reason, then you need to call in professionals for help. 

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