Buying Lumber For Your DIY Project: How To Save Cash

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Whether you are looking to build a deck, build a small shed or tackle another type of DIY project, you might be looking forward to getting started. One thing that you might not be looking forward to, however, is spending your hard-earned cash on lumber. Lumber can be pretty expensive, but there are ways that you can save a lot of money on this aspect of your project. To save money on your lumber, try these simple tips.

Shop Where the Pros Shop

Don't immediately head to a local home improvement store to buy your lumber. These stores are often targeted at homeowners who are tackling DIY projects and often aren't the most affordable option. Instead, look for places where your local contractors might shop for their lumber, such as local distribution centers and lumber lots. These places are often no-frills types of places but generally offer lower prices on things like lumber.

Skip the Pre-Cut Stuff

The idea of purchasing pre-cut wood can be appealing—it can seem like a nice idea to purchase the wood that you need pre-cut so that you don't have to worry about cutting it yourself, but you'll often pay a premium for the convenience. Even if you don't have a saw, it's often worth it to invest in a simple model so that you can cut larger pieces of lumber into the sizes that you need. Buying the largest pieces possible and getting the most out of each piece will typically save you a lot of money.

Change Your Plans

Take a look at your plans, and determine if you would be better off adjusting them to make your lumber more affordable. For example, if your plans call for 11-inch-long pieces of lumber, you'll typically end up with a lot of waste from 12-inch pieces of lumber that will have to be cut. On the other hand, 13-inch-long pieces will mean that you have to buy larger pieces of wood and will still have a lot of waste. Opting for plans that include even lengths will work better with standard lumber sizes and can prevent waste and save you money.

As you can see, there is really no reason to spend a fortune on the lumber for your project when there are so many ways to save. If you follow these three tips while shopping for the lumber for your DIY project (at shops like Grant Road Lumber Co), you can save quite a bit of cash.


15 December 2015

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