Keeping Your Building Functional During Renovations: Four Reasons To Rent Portable Toilet Trailers

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Having your building renovated can give you a fresh, new space for your business, your employees and your customers, but the construction process can be a bit disruptive to your everyday operations. This is particularly true if you are renovating the restrooms or if the restrooms won’t be accessible during the construction process. Portable restroom trailers can help to keep your customers, employees and construction contractors happy throughout the construction process. Here are three reasons to consider portable restroom trailers (from an outlet such as Mathena Septic Tank Service).    Real Restroom Feel Unlike regular portable toilets, portable restroom trailers deliver the same benefits of a regular restroom, such as hot and cold running water, flushable toilets and vanity mirrors. Your employees and guests will feel comfortable using these facilities, which look and feel like any other clean and comfortable public restroom. You can even choose from trailers that have additional options, such as baby changing stations, to provide an added layer of convenience for visitors to your business. Cleaning Services Many portable toilet trailer rentals come with an option for a cleaning service. This is more than just removing the waste from the trailer. The trailer cleaning service ensures that the floor, toilet, counters and vanity area are clean all day long, giving your visitors a more comfortable restroom experience. You can even opt for a restroom attendant who can assist your guests in the trailer, which can come in handy on days you are hosting a client meeting during building renovations. Climate Control Portable toilet trailers come with their own heating and air conditioning system, which means that your staff and your visitors won’t have to deal with extreme heat or cold when they need to use the restroom. Built-in awnings can be added to the trailers to provide shade as your visitors enter or leave the trailer. This makes if more convenient for your employees if they need to use the restroom on a rainy or snowy day. Multiple Restroom Bays With restroom trailers, you get two restrooms in the same building. You can denote one side for men and the other for women, or you can simply use them both as unisex restrooms. Portable toilet trailers have a non-distinct look, so they won’t stand out like a row of brightly colored portable toilet buildings might. This keeps your building’s outdoor area looking neat and discreet during your renovations. Portable toilet trailers aren’t just for special events. Consider renting one or several if your building will be under construction. Your contractors will appreciate the comfortable accommodations, and your employees will have the restroom access they need throughout the...

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Need New Insulation? Know The Essential Information About Spray Foam

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If the energy efficiency of your house is suffering, you could benefit from upgrading your home’s insulation. While you may be tempted to use traditional materials like fiberglass, spray foam insulation is a viable alternative to keep the cold from seeping in through your attic’s walls. Here is some essential information about the material. Pros and Cons of Spray Foam Many homeowners like using spray foam because the material expands. The shape that the foam creates forms well around cracks of all shapes and sizes. It works best with surfaces that are not even, like pipes and joints, creating an insulation barrier that is much better than a fiberglass insulation blanket. It will be much more effective at sealing all the small areas where cold air gets inside your home. The biggest disadvantage of spray foam is how it is difficult to install. If you have never installed spray foam before, it will be difficult to anticipate how much the material expands. If you are spraying foam inside a wall, spraying too much can damage the wall when the insulation expands. Not only will you have to pay for the repairs to the wall, but it will also cost you money by installing more insulation than you need. You will need to cut off the excess insulation as well, which is time consuming. There Are Many Kinds of Spray Foam There are different variations of this kind of insulation that work best for almost any situation. For example, small gaps in an attic are best filled on your own using a handheld can of foam. Larger surfaces, like a ceiling or wall, can be insulated using a handheld wand. Insulating a whole home requires more foam than what will fit in a canister, which is when a professional comes in handy to install it for you. When it comes to the insulation itself, there are two forms to pick from: open and closed cell insulation. Open cell foam works better for walls on the interior of your home, since it is cheaper and does not contain a moisture barrier. Closed cell foam will repel moisture, which will make it the best option for exterior walls and attics. Closed cell foam will cost more money though. Think spray foam is the best kind of insulation for your home? Contract a contractor such as Specialty Insulation for more information and help with...

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