3 Reasons To Include A Drip Irrigation System As Part Of Your Overall Irrigation System


If you have any plants at all as part of your landscaping, such as trees, shrubs, flowers, etc., then it is definitely in your best interest to install an irrigation system that includes drip irrigation as well. This type of system is created specifically for watering plants and will water them much differently than a regular sprinkler would. This article will discuss 3 reasons to include a drip irrigation system as part of your overall irrigation system.  

It Makes Watering Your Plants So Much Easier

Rather than having to water your plants by hand because they aren't getting the proper amount of water from your sprinklers, you can instead rely on the drip irrigation system to properly water them. You can simply set your irrigation clock to water your plants at the time of day that is the most effective and it will repeat this each day. This can motivate you to plant more plants in your yard, thus making your landscape design look even better.

It Gives Them The Appropriate Amount and Pressure Of Water

Two problems that you may have when trying to water your plants with a regular sprinkler are that your plants may not be getting enough water and also that the water pressure may be too high. Obviously if they don't get enough water this can cause them to dry up and die. However, having water pressure that is too strong can also severely damage the plants by ripping off their leaves, breaking their stems, etc. Drip systems allow your plants to get plenty of water, since the drip sprinklers are right next to the plants and are set to give them the proper amount of water each day. The water pressure will also not be a problem because the drip sprinklers do just that, they "drip" out the water at a safe and steady pace so that your plants get what they need without being overwhelmed.  

It Can Be Programmed Individually To Water Your Plants 

Rather than having your drip sprinklers set to water your plants at the same time that your regular sprinklers water your grass, you can set them to water at their own time. You can also specialize certain drip sprinklers to give different plants more or less water. For example, you can set the drip sprinklers by your trees to give off more water than the ones by your flowers, thus allowing them to both thrive.  

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11 February 2016

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