Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Wire Mesh Decking

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If you are the owner of a company or a factory that needs to store a lot of excess merchandise or parts, you will likely have a stockroom where all of these items are located. You may have run into the problem that the way you have your shelves set up does not match your storage needs for your current stock of merchandise or parts. You might have the shelves set up so that there are a number of very large spaces when you had larger pieces of merchandise or parts, but now you only have smaller items and are wasting a lot of space. One way to solve this problem is to use wire mesh decking for storage. Here are some questions to think about in order to determine if you should pay to make the switch to wire mesh decking.

1. Do you find yourself changing the space between your shelves or wishing you could change that space?

If you answer yes to this question, then wire mesh decking is for you. It is tremendously easy to change the setup of your shelves. All you have to do is grab a second person. Each of you can lift one side of the shelf to remove it from the structure, allowing you to change up the shelves without actually removing the items. Then, you can swap the location of the support bars to the height that you find more helpful. Finally, you and your coworker can replace the shelf that still had items on it. This will allow you to change your shelves at a whim.

2. Do you only have one person to do a full shelving reset?

If you plan on only hiring one person every few months to remove everything from the shelves and reset all of them, then you also want to consider getting wire mesh decking. This is because the wire mesh decking is much lighter than ordinary shelves, making it easier for one person to do the work that would have originally required three or four people to do. The only reason why you needed two people in a previous example was to make sure that product didn't fall off the shelves that you were moving.

3. Are you looking for permanent fixtures?

If you are looking for permanent fixtures, then you might not want to go with wire mesh decking. Wire mesh decking is highly resilient but is best used for constant switching and moving. You could purchase true permanent fixtures for less money. However, if you need full mobility, wire mesh decking is the way to go. 

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19 April 2016

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