Three Things You Should Know About Septic Tank Pumping

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Periodic pumping is one of the most important maintenance tasks homeowners needs to have performed on their septic tanks.

A backed up or overflowing septic tank can cause enormous damage to both your house and the yard that surrounds it.

Being aware of the following three things will ensure that you get your septic system the service it needs to prevent overflows and other potentially disastrous malfunctions. 

It's important to periodically have your septic tank pumped out to keep your system working properly.

Septic tanks are designed so that the bacteria in the tank will naturally break down waste that flows out of a home's plumbing system. However, solids will accumulate in the tank over time that these bacteria are incapable of breaking down.

Septic tank pumping removes accumulated solids and is a necessary maintenance task for any type of septic tank system. If a septic tank is not pumped out, these solids will accumulate to the point that they will overflow, causing odors in the home's yard and compromising the purity of groundwater. 

A typical septic tank needs to be pumped once every three years.

How often a septic tank needs to be pumped out will vary depending on how much wastewater a household produces and how large the septic tank is.

In general, a septic tank needs to be pumped out once every three years. However, it's important for homeowners to note that they will need to have their tank cleaned out more often if they have a garbage disposal.

In homes with a garbage disposal, additional solid waste usually goes down the kitchen drain on a regular basis. This waste will add to the solids that are generated naturally by the home's septic system and speed up the process of filling up the tank. 

Conditions on the ground above your septic tank could indicate that it's time to have your system pumped.

When a septic tank needs to be pumped out, wastewater and solids could begin leaking out of the tank.

This could lead to pooling water or foul odors in the drain field located above the septic tank. It could also cause the soil above the septic tank to absorb high levels of nitrates and other natural fertilizers. This could cause the grass located in the drain field to grow much faster and more lush than grass in other areas of the yard. 

Pooling water and abnormally fertile soil are therefore two signs that a septic tank needs to be pumped out. Contact a contractor, like Moon Septic, for more help.


14 July 2016

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