Why Hardwood Is Great For Bathroom Floors

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Over the years, you are probably going to need to update the flooring in your bathroom. This is a room that has a lot of moisture, which can be very damaging to floors. Even if you have a durable, waterproof flooring product like tile or hardwood, you will probably need to change it at some point. This article explains the advantages of installing composite hardwood in a bathroom. Of course, hardwood will not last forever, but composite products with laminated finish will be just as durable as tile or natural stone floors.

Modular Design for Simple Installation

One of the best things about composite floors is that they have a modular design. This means that the individual wood planks are constructed with a tongue and groove. Basically, the tongue of one piece snaps into the groove on the next piece. This greatly speeds up the installation process. In fact, installing modular composite floors requires very few tools. All you really need is a miter saw and a rubber mallet. Whether you install it on your own, or have professionals handle the work, the cost of installation of your hardwood floor will be minimal. And since the bathroom is one of the smallest room in the house, the cost of the product is also minimal. The installation is also easier because it is easier to make round cuts to wood than it is to make similar cuts to tile. So, installing hardwood around the basin of toilet is quite simple.

They Don't Need to Be Refinished

Another great thing about composite hardwood floors is that you don't need to spend your time or money refinishing them. Despite all the moisture, a hardwood floor with a laminated finish will basically last forever. Since the product is so affordable, it is practical and easy to just replace it instead of trying to restain it.

Hardwood is Undeniably Stylish

Despite hardwood being practical and affordable, it is still often picked simply because of the style. The look of natural wood grains is desirable and can match with many design elements already in your bathroom, like the sink cabinet. You can also continue your hardwood out of room. A seamless threshold will look great and give your home a more cohesive look.

Hardwood is a great flooring product and it is particularly ideal for bathrooms. It will look great and last for many years without much maintenance. For more information, contact a business such as Wunderlin Builders.


7 September 2016

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