When To Invest In A Boundary Survey

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Locating property lines can be challenging in a changing landscape. This is especially true for properties that haven't exchanged hands in several years and have old property descriptions listed on the deed. Rather than relying on what your eyes can see, it's always best to invest in a boundary survey when you need accurate information about property lines.

Here are three situations where a boundary survey can prove invaluable.

1. When you intend to subdivide your land.

If you own a large tract of land, you may decide that selling a portion of that land could be financially beneficial. The process of breaking up one large tract of land into smaller sections for individual sale is known as subdividing. Investing in a boundary survey is critical when you are subdividing your land because you are creating new property lines where none existed before.

Having a clear marking of the new property lines will help the buyer know exactly how much land they are purchasing, and it will allow you to subdivide your property without the risk of boundary disputes in the future.

2. When you want to build a fence.

The addition of a fence can create privacy and add a level of security to your property. Before you can construct a fence, you need to know where the boundary line for your property is. You don't want to leave too much room between your fence and your neighbor's property, but you also don't want to build on your neighbor's property and run the risk of having to tear down the fence and rebuild.

A boundary survey will show you exactly where your fence should be placed. Just because a fence already exists doesn't necessarily mean it is in the right location, so be sure to have a boundary survey conducted whenever you are adding or replacing a fence line on your property.

3. When you are in a property dispute with a neighbor.

When a neighboring piece of property changes ownership, you may find that the new owner may take issue with the location of your driveway, fence, or other structure.

If there is a dispute over whose property these structures are built upon, investing in a boundary survey can provide much-needed answers. Having a surveyor come and clearly mark the boundary line between your property and your new neighbor's will help settle any disputes that might arise.

Knowing when to rely on the help of a boundary surveyor will allow you to accurately identify and maintain your property lines in the future.


1 November 2016

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