Strip Or Parquet Solid Wood Floors...Which Will Be Best For Your Home?

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Whether you are tired of the musty carpets in your home storing allergens that can make it miserable to be at home or the scratches and damage to your existing floors can no longer be ignored, choosing the right type of wood floors is an important decision. Wood flooring provides the aesthetic appeal and long life that most homeowners want without the potential for allergic reactions that few people want. Two of the most common types of wood that can be used for new solid flooring are strip and parquet and the following information will be useful as you determine which type of solid wood floor is best for your home.

Choosing Strip Flooring

Strip flooring is unique due to the available widths you can choose from. Specifically, there are pre-determined thicknesses that are available and there are no options for customization outside those choices. Currently, you can find strip flooring as small as 5/16 of an inch thick or as big as 3/4 of an inch thick. In addition, you can choose strip flooring in widths between 1 1/2 and 3 inches, so you do have a good selection to choose from when determining the best look for your floors. 

Red oak and maple are popular examples of strip flooring, which can often be accredited to their reasonable purchase price and because the option to stain it or leave it its original coloring can be made by the consumer.

Planning For Parquet Floors

Parquet floors are not always the most well-known example of solid wood floors, which may be because some people never realize they are solid wood. A parquet floor is easy to spot due to the patterns it commonly creates on the floor. It is an ideal choice for homeowners who are attracted to the traditional appeal of hardwood floors and still want to be able to personalize the wood. You can choose from a myriad of pre-assembled wood pieces in different styles or you can elect for the wood pieces to be made in a pattern that your prefer. 

Floors featuring parquet wood is a good choice if you hate the feeling of a cold floor first thing in the morning, as it feels warmer underneath than many other types of wood or tile. However, if your home shares walls with your neighbor or if the noise level in your home needs to be as low as possible, it may not be the right choice. That is because it offers very little soundproofing.

In conclusion, wood floors are a popular and hygienic choice for many allergy sufferers, even if their allergies are currently well-controlled. When you are ready to improve the appearance and perceived value of your home, understanding the pros and cons of strip and parquet floors will allow you to be sure that you have made the most appropriate choice for your needs and expectations. 

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