Three Handy Plumbing Tools That Can Save You From Costly Repairs


There are many tools that are great to have around your home to do maintenance and repairs. Your toolbox should also include some essential plumbing tools. With the right plumbing tools, you will solve some of the most common plumbing problems easily and avoid costly repairs. Here are the plumbing tools that can help you with common plumbing problems around your home:

1. Longer Plumbing Snakes That Can Get Deep Clogs

Plumbing snakes are a good tool to get the clogs out that a plunger cannot handle. These are small cables with a grapple on the end to remove debris from pipes. They are also called pipe augers and come in a variety of sizes. Getting one that is a little longer can be worth the extra investment to help you remove the clogs that may be stuck deep inside drains. Plumbers often have powered augers that can be used to get debris deep in sewer and septic lines, which can cause plumbing problems.

2. Crescent Wrenches to Repair Small Leaks Quickly and Easily

Crescent wrenches are the ones that have a thumb screw to adjust their size. There are small and large sizes. Many plumbing connections have nuts that can easily be removed with a crescent wrench. Make sure you have a variety of different-sized crescent wrenches to do the different plumbing repairs around your home. You may also want a plumber's wrench, which is just a giant crescent wrench that is used to remove the large nuts on plumbing connections.

3. Pipe Cutter, Torch and Solder to Quickly Fix a Leaking Pipe

The lines that carry water in your home are usually copper pipes. Sometimes, these copper pipes can develop small leaks. Even if you plan on having a plumber do the repair, you may want to stop the leaks while you wait to have repairs done. Having a small propane torch and soldering wire can make doing these repairs easy for you. You will also want to have a pipe cutter and sections of spare pipe to do quick repairs. If the pipes are PVC, you will want to have pipe glue and couplings instead of soldering equipment.

These are some of the essential plumbing tools that can be handy when you have a plumbing problem. Contact a plumbing contractor to help with some of the bigger problems and things that these tools just will not fix. 


10 January 2017

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