3 Things That Will Protect Your Home from Getting Burglarized

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According to some crime reports, a home gets burglarized in the United States every 13 seconds. Of all the burglaries that take place, the most common point of entrance for burglars is the front door. Other common ways they get in include first-floor windows, back doors, and the garage. If you want to protect your home from getting burglarized, here are three ways to do so. 

Custom Gates with Added Security

If you think that gated communities and homes are for the wealthy only, think again. Many homeowners are recognizing that getting a gate installed has many advantages, one of which is to protect the home from getting burglarized. If you want your gate to match the color and decor of your home, custom gates provide a great option. By getting your gate customized, you can choose the color, material, and style. 

Some custom gates also come with a gate operator, which can provide added security. Some common options when it comes to adding a gate operator include: 

  • Phone-system access control
  • Remote-access control
  • Safety loops
  • Battery backup

Having a gate installed will add an extra wall of defense, making it harder for burglars to get to your front door. Talk to a company such as Carter Fence Co to learn more.

Guard Dogs 

If you like animals, having a guard dog will not only provide companionship but also help keep your home from getting burglarized. Some burglars may be bound and determined to get inside your home, and if they know there is a dog present, they might bring along a bone to distract Fido. If one of the main reasons for getting a dog is to protect your home, you should get one that will do the job and not be easily distracted. Some of the best guard dog breeds include: 

  • Doberman Pinschers
  • German Shepherds
  • Rottweilers
  • Rhodesian Ridgebacks
  • American Staffordshires

It's important to remember that good guard dogs might need specialized training, including obedience skills and to quit barking on command. 

Home Security Systems

According to the FBI, homes that have an efficient security system are three times less likely to have a burglar enter. When the alarm sounds and the lights get activated, this sends most burglars running. Home-security systems can also automatically call the appropriate first responders, and some can be monitored from a remote location with a cell phone. 

Whether you choose installing custom gates with added security, having a guard dog, or purchasing a home monitoring system, you will be doing well to protect your home from getting burglarized. 


13 January 2017

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