Garage Door Issues You Shouldn't Ignore

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In some people's minds, garage doors are thought to last as long as a house will. For that reason, overlooking or forgetting about changes in the way the door looks or works doesn't seem like a big deal. However, the following issues shouldn't be ignored:

Torn Weatherstripping

Because they have nothing to do with the movement of the door, the rubber weatherstrip attached to the door edge could be overlooked. However, as the strip wears away and degrades, rain or wind has an easier time entering the garage space. Not only that, but an incomplete seal caused by torn weatherstripping allows a better chance that insects or pests get inside too. In the winter especially, torn strips provide just enough of an opportunity for critters to push their way into the warmth of your dry garage.

Loud Sounds

Oftentimes, noise isn't even heard until it becomes so loud and overbearing that it sounds scary and serious. If you're not making a concerted effort to listen for popping, rubbing, grinding, and other noises all the time, hearing loud noises usually indicates that whatever the problem is has been occurring for some time. There is a need for professional intervention so that any repairs can be tackled.

Jerky Motions

If the door moves incorrectly as if it's hiccuping or jerky, it's easy to ignore it at first. This is usually an issue with the door's track or the rollers. The track could be bent, in which case you could try gently knocking it back into place with a mallet, but the rollers themselves could be so worn you need a new pair. Ignoring odd movements could ultimately lead to a complete failure of movement, so it should be checked out when you first notice.

"Magic" Movement

For some reason, some people imagine that different appliances and equipment have so-called "quirks" that cause them to work a little funky sometimes but doesn't affect overall function. You might, for instance, think that the garage door's "quirk" is that it seems to move as if by magic. When you open the door and deliberately stop it, it'll keep going, just a bit, in one direction or another before stopping fully. However, this "quirk" could end up being truly dangerous; it's a clear indicator that something is amiss with the door springs. These springs control the heavy door and if they fail, the door could slam down and damage a vehicle or hurt someone. Therefore, seemingly magical door movements shouldn't be ignored.

Proper attention by a professional allows repairs to happen before an accident does. A quick call to a contractor can ensure that the door works as intended. Contact a company like Plano Overhead Garage Door for more information and assistance. 


23 September 2017

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