What To Remember About Swimming Pool Covers

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It's time once again to cover up your pool for the winter. Even if you live in an area where winters aren't that bad, your pool is less likely to see use -- and more likely to see leaves and dirt fall into the water. Covering up the pool for winter is easy, but the covers don't cure all. Here's what you have to keep in mind when you place that plastic across the water:

It's Not a Trampoline

Don't get complacent about your kids being near the pool just because it's covered up. Covers can fail, and many aren't strong enough to handle a bunch of kids who have decided to play on it. Watch your children and ensure they aren't trying to walk across the cover.

You'll Still Need to Clean Up

Leaves will still fall onto the cover, so you won't be able to avoid all pool maintenance over the winter. However, the cover will make it a lot easier to gather the leaves instead of letting them sink down into the water and become a soggy mess. For best results, sweep the cover every few days. Do not use a rake because the tines can catch on the cover material or stitching, ripping the cover.

Snow and Ice Could Be an Issue

If you're in an area where ice and snow are regular winter visitors, get a cover pump. These are made to drain water that collects on the cover so that the water doesn't freeze. The problem with ice is that the edges of the ice aren't necessarily smooth -- they can be very sharp, and they can cut through the cover. Snow, too, is a problem if it builds up too much because the cumulative weight can damage the cover. You'll have to gently sweep off snow daily.

Water Weight Is Also an Issue

Even if you don't typically see a lot of snow and ice, a cover pump is a necessity. Water is heavy, and too much can strain the cover. The pump will remove the excess water.

When you get your first swimming pool cover, be sure to add a cover pump and talk to pool maintenance companies about a good routine that you can carry out. By properly maintaining your cover, you'll be able to protect the pool through the colder months and get the pool ready for spring and summer much more quickly.

Contact a swimming pools company for more information and assistance. 


27 November 2017

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