Reasons To Have A Dog Washbasin Built Into Your Custom Home

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If you're an avid dog owner and are having a custom home built, you'll want to think of features that will cater to your four-legged friends. One such feature is a washbasin in a suitable location — perhaps near one of the exterior doors or maybe even in the garage. This fixture will allow you to wash your dog with ease after a muddy walk in the woods or a trip to the nearest beach. Your builder can create a structure that suits your size requirements and make it out of a material such as tile, so it matches with other elements in your home. Here are some reasons to have this element built.

Not Having To Book Professional Washes

Whether you drop your dog off at a groomer to get washed or you visit a pet store that has do-it-yourself washing stations, there's an expense associated with this process. Additionally, you'll also spend time driving to and from the location. When you have a professional-caliber washbasin in your home, you'll be able to save money and time by washing your dog when doing so is needed. This can also compel you to wash your dog more regularly, as you may occasionally put off booking a professional wash because of the expense.

Keeping Your Bathtub Clean

Without a proper pet-sized washbasin, you'll often choose to wash your pet in the bathtub. This can work satisfactorily, but can also leave your tub a muddy mess. And, if you're a stickler for germs, you may feel the need to thoroughly disinfect the tub before your family members use it. A pet-centric washbasin in the right location helps you to avoid this problem. By extension, this fixture can keep your house as a hold tidier, as you won't have to transport your wet or dirty dog from the door to the bathroom.

Helping Children Take Responsibility

For many families, washing the dog can be a good responsibility for the children. The proper placement of a washbasin for a dog can make it easier for your kids to tackle this job. For example, a smaller child may be unable to carry a big dog from the door to the bathtub, and younger children may make a major mess in the bathroom by inadvertently spraying the water outside of the tub. A proper washing station placed in an area that is OK to get wet can make it easier for your children to perform this task.

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17 May 2018

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