Things To Know Regarding Your Home's Insulation

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Insulation is a commonly misunderstood part of homes, and this can lead to issues when homeowners are needing to have work done on their insulation. In particular, homeowners will find that learning some of the basics about insulation work can help them as they navigate this aspect of home ownership.

Will Insulation Ever Need To Be Replaced?

Some homeowners will assume that their insulation will never need to be replaced once it is installed. Unfortunately, there are a couple of ways that your insulation can suffer damage that may require it to be replaced. For example, leaks in the walls or ceiling can contribute to the insulation rotting or growing foul smelling molds. Pests can be another source of damage as they will often use insulation as a nesting option. This can lead to them shredding the insulation and leaving droppings in it that could degrade it. Regularly inspecting the walls of your home can help you to identify these problems through the presence of small holes in the walls or discoloration.

Where Should Insulation Be Added To Improve Efficiency?

When homeowners are wanting to increase the efficiency of their home, adding insulation to areas where it is lacking can greatly reduce the prevalence of drafts and other sources of heat loss or gain. However, determining the areas that would benefit from having additional insulation can be surprisingly difficult for homeowners to do. In order to ensure that you correctly identify the areas of the house that need more insulation, you should have an energy audit performed as this will allow the areas that are experiencing the most energy loss to be identified.

Does The Time Of Year Matter When Upgrading Insulation?

Homeowners will frequently assume that the time of year will play a major role in determining when they can have this work done. However, this is not really the case as insulation upgrades can be done throughout the year. Additionally, it is often possible to complete this work without the need to remove one or more sections of your home's interior walls. This is possible due to the availability of spray foam insulation. When this insulation is used, it is simply injected through a small hole that is drilled into the wall. Once injected, it will rapidly expand in size until it fills the cavity. In addition to being extremely convenient to install, this insulation is also more efficient than standard insulation as it will essentially be airtight, and the foam is engineered to be extremely resistant to transferring heat.

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30 June 2018

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