Adding Mortar To An Existing Brick Patio

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Brick patios are very popular. They can be long-lasting if installed properly, but sometimes the mortar in between the bricks may eventually wear down from weather and usage, causing your mortar to be uneven. If you leave it this way, your bricks may move out of place and you'll end up with an uneven patio. Filling in the mortar in between the bricks is important, but it needs to be done properly. Read on for instructions on how to add mortar to an existing brick patio.

 What You'll Need To Do The Job:

  • Mortar
  • Mortar bag (similar to an icing bag)
  • Trowel
  • Shop vacuum
  • Hose


  1. Before you start, clean your brick patio with your garden hose or a pressure washer. Allow it to dry thoroughly and inspect the mortar around your patio. You're looking for low spots in your mortar that needs to be filled in. 
  2. When you've found the areas you need repaired, you'll know how much mortar you're going to need. 
  3. Purchase the mortar from your local hardware store. You need to find mortar to match your existing mortar. It may not be exact, but you can find something to match it closely enough that it won't be too noticeable. 
  4. Use the shop vacuum to clean the deep areas between the bricks and remove all loose debris and rocks. 
  5. Then spritz the mortar lines you are going to be filling with water. You want it wet, but not soaked. This is to help ensure the new mortar attaches to the existing mortar.
  6. Mix the new mortar as instructed by the manufacturer. Pour the mortar into the bag for easier installation. The bag is similar to an icing bag and allows you to get in between the joints without getting it all over your bricks.
  7. Squeeze the bag to get the mortar into the joint spaces. Fill in the joints until it is level with the bricks. Use the trowel to remove any excess and to smooth the lines.
  8. Repeat the process until you have filled in all of your joint spaces.
  9. Allow the mortar to dry thoroughly before putting anything onto your brick patio (about 24 - 48 hours should be enough time).

Filling in the mortar lines between your bricks on your patio will help lengthen the life of your brick patio and prevent your bricks from moving out of place. Clean your patio often and inspect the mortar lines each year. Contact a professional mason for help repairing your brick patio.

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8 August 2018

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