How A Brief Inspection Can Make Your Retractable Screens Easier To Use

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Retractable screens are so handy to have. They mean no more screen doors suddenly swinging shut and banging loudly against the door frame. But these screens are like any other household fixture in that they can eventually start to have problems if you don't keep an eye on them. And with "invisible" retractable screens, which are barely visible when closed, it's inevitable that someone will run into the screen and nearly yank it out of its tracks. Yet a brief inspection every week or two will help reduce those problems quickly.

The Tracks and Rollers

The tracks along the top and bottom of your screen door (and the sides of any pull-down window screens), along with the roller at the core of the screen assembly, are key to keeping the screen easy to use. If these become clogged with dirt or start to corrode, the screen will not slide open and shut as easily. Extend and retract the screen once or twice, fully. See if the movement is still as smooth as it has been or if it's starting to become a little tougher. Look at the tracks, all along their length, to see if you can spot corrosion; if you see dirt or mold, clean it out.

The Corners and Alignment

The corners of the screen frame itself, as well as the alignment of the screen when it's closed, are also important. If the alignment goes off, which it can do if you repeatedly put too much downward pressure on the screen as you drag it open or closed, then there will be gaps between the screen and door frame, allowing bugs inside. When you close the screen during the inspection, look at the corners and around the frame for signs it's no longer closing "straight." If you see the edge of the frame tilt when closed (e.g., you see more of the frame toward the top of the doorway), call a repair company to get the door literally back on track.

The Mesh

These screens are usually meant to be nearly invisible, and dirt can ruin that. If you see dirt or dust, use a vacuum upholstery attachment and a low setting on a closed screen door to remove the dirt.

If things look like they are starting to go really wrong, such as if you suddenly find a bunch of corrosion, or the lock breaks, for example, call a screen or awning company to have them repair the screen. The sooner you address problems, the easier they'll be to solve. For more information, check out websites like


7 November 2018

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