FAQ About Residential Garage Doors


Did you move into a house that gives you the convenience of parking your vehicles in a garage? A garage is not only beneficial for parking your vehicle without getting wet on a rainy day, but it also makes the house more valuable. If you have never owned a garage before, there are important things that you should know about. For instance, you must know how to care for the garage door to prevent it from needing frequent repairs. If you want to learn more about garage door care, browse the frequently asked questions that are in the remainder of this article.

What Causes a Garage Door to Get Off Track?

A garage door can get off track due to several things being wrong. The most common reason for the problem is for the tracks to not be aligned straight, which are located on the two sides of the door. It is actually easy to diagnose a problem with the tracks being misaligned, as all you need to do is take a look at them. If they appear to be crooked, adjusting them and tightening up the screws should resolve the problem. Although straightening up the tracks seems like an easy task, you can hire a garage door installation professional to make sure it is done with precision.

Why Does a Garage Door Move Slowly?

A garage door is designed to move at a speed that does not take a long time to open or close. If your door begins to move in an abnormally slow manner, it points to there being something wrong that might need to be repaired. An accumulation of rust or debris on the tracks can cause the door to move slowly due to having to struggle. Damaged rollers are another problem that sometimes leads to slow door movement. In the case of roller damage, they can be replaced if it is necessary to fix the problem.

When Should a Damaged Door Be Replaced?

A few signs will be present when it is time to replace your garage door rather than simple repairs being made. For instance, if your garage door is metal and badly dented up, you might want to consider purchasing a new one. In the case of a wooden door, pay attention to severe insect damage, mold, and large chips to determine if replacing it is necessary. A professional can inspect the door on your behalf to confirm if replacing it is necessary or not.


15 December 2018

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