Tips For Maintaining Your Water Well To Keep Your Drinking Water Safe

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Regular maintenance of your well is important for your health and safety. There are some things you can do on an ongoing basis to maintain your well, and there are other forms of maintenance that require a professional. The well and water should be checked and tested at least annually. Here's when you should have maintenance done on your well and what should be done.

When To Schedule Well Maintenance

You should have a professional inspect your well annually. At that time, the water should be tested for the presence of contaminants. This should be a routine maintenance call that's done whether your well is experiencing problems or not. In addition, you should have your well tested if you notice damage to the cap or other signs that the well may be contaminated. Other signs of problems with your well are when the water suddenly tastes different or when your family starts getting sick often. Any time you suspect your well may have been exposed to chemical contamination or pathogens, you should have it checked for your safety.

How A Well Is Maintained

As a landowner, you're responsible for keeping contaminants away from your well. Don't store anything, build anything, or keep animals near the well so you can avoid polluting the water. Also, be sure landscaping doesn't hold water around the well. Water should drain away freely. Keep an eye on the cap too. This is on the end of the pipe that sticks out of the ground. Be careful when you mow around the area that you don't clip the pipe or cap and cause damage, but if damage occurs, then call for repairs right away.

Routine well maintenance involves checking all the parts of the well that are above the ground and checking the condition of the water. Since well pumps are often submerged, the pump may not be checked unless problems are found with the system or the water. If the water is cloudy or if the output from the well drops, then it may be necessary to pull the pump up and repair it or clean it. If microbes invade the well, then the well may need to be sanitized so the water is safe to drink. It's best to let professionals deal with well maintenance so you can feel safe about your drinking water. If you ever feel unsure if your water is safe, or if you're bringing home a new baby and worry about the water, then collect a water sample and have it tested. If problems are found, call a professional to check your water system and make repairs if needed.

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