Beyond Cracks: 4 Other Signs Your Foundation May Need Attention

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When foundation repair is discussed, it is often in terms of repairing cracks and crevices that form in the foundation walls. Surely, if your foundation walls are cracking, they demand repair. But cracks are not the only sign that your foundation needs some attention. The following are four other signs that you should call a foundation repair service. 

1. Your doors and windows are hard to open and shut.

Your windows should slide easily in their sashes, and your doors should open and close easily on their hinges. If your windows and doors are slowly becoming harder and harder to operate, this could be because your foundation is shifting and putting uneven pressure on the door and window frames. The problem will usually be more pronounced on one side of the home than on the others.

2. There are gaps above your crown molding.

You probably don't look at the top surface of your crown molding very often, but you should. If there are little gaps appearing above the crown molding --- which may not be visible from the floor --- this often indicates that the foundation is settling and shifting. The gaps may expand slowly over time, or they may be more obvious when the humidity has been low.

3. You're getting nail pops in the drywall.

Nail pops are spots where the nail heads pop up out of the surface of the drywall. They are quite common in new construction, and in that case, they are usually due to settling and shifting of the drywall. If a home that has been standing for five years or more develops nail pops, however, that could indicate an issue with the foundation. As a foundation shifts, it can start placing pressure on the drywall where there should be none, and that pressure can force the nails out of place.

4. The floors are sloping.

People often do not realize their floors are developing a slope until they drop a ball and it quickly rolls to one side of the house. A tiny bit of slope could be just due to a building error, but it's definitely a reason to have your house checked out to ensure the foundation is not settling on one side.

There can be other reasons for nail pops, slanted floors, and the other issues discussed above, but all too often, shifting foundations are to blame. Contact a foundation repair company soon and have them take a closer look


20 July 2019

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