The Benefits Associated With Spray Foam Roofing For Commercial Buildings


Commercial buildings often use different types of roofing materials than residential homes. The primary reason for this is because commercial buildings typically have flat or low-slope roofs and homes have sloped roofs. Sloped roofs help water to fall down from the roof, whereas no or low-slope roofs have water sitting on them. As such, the materials used on commercial roofs need to be able to keep water out. One of the materials that can be used on a commercial roof is spray foam roofing. Here are a few of the benefits associated with this type of roof. 

Spray Foam Roofing is Extremely Fast to Apply

The first benefit of spray foam roofing is that spray foam roofing is extremely fast and easy to apply. It generally only takes two workers to install this type of roof and is faster than applying other roof types, because it is literally sprayed into place, much like using a sprayer to paint a home. This reduces labor costs and reduces the disruption that installing a new roof can cause to tenants, employees or customers who are inside the building when the new roof is being installed. 

Spray Foam Roofing Can Be Layered When the First Layer Ages

The second advantage associated with spray foam roofing is that this roofing material can be layered. Traditionally, when a roofing material is nearing the end of its lifespan, it has to be pulled off and removed before the new roof can be installed. With spray foam, a new layer of spray foam can be sprayed over the existing layer, making a replacement fast, easy, cheaper and less of a hassle than other roof types. 

Spray Foam Roofing Can Be Applied In Different Thicknesses to Create More Slope

The third benefit to spray foam roofing is that the roofing can be applied at different thicknesses to create more of a slope on no or low slope roofs. This can help with puddling and water drainage issues that are very common with low or no slope roofs. This can also be beneficial for those who live in an area where temperatures reach freezing, as having even a minimal slope can help make it easier to remove snow from a roof. 

There are many benefits associated with using spray foam roofing on commercial buildings. If you are looking to have a new roof installed on your commercial property, contact commercial roofing services today to learn more about spray foam roofing, if it is right for your roof and/or to obtain an estimate to have this type of roof installed.  


20 January 2020

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