How To Re-Seal Your Concrete Properly

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Concrete is a very durable material, but even premium and well-installed concrete will develop some cracks over time. When this happens, you'll want to re-seal the concrete in order to keep bugs and critters out and in order to maintain the stability of the surrounding area. But re-sealing concrete can sometimes be a bit more complicated than re-sealing asphalt. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure your concrete is re-sealed properly the first time.

Remove Any Stains or Dirt or Some of the Concrete Itself

It's natural for some of the concrete on your property to pick up some stains through exposure to dirt, oil, or other substances over time. But when your concrete is broken up and these substances get down deep into concrete, this could make your re-sealing job much more difficult. Use grease or oil remover to remove as much of the surface stain as you can. If it appears that oil or some other substance has gotten deep down into the concrete, you might want to remove that section completely and have new concrete poured by a professional.

Remove Any Remaining Sealer in the Area

In order to ensure that the concrete re-seals properly, you'll want to also remove any remaining sealant within the work area. Trying to add sealant on top of existing sealant is likely going to cause issues with the seal. 

Etch the Concrete Open to Get Deep, and Then Apply a Coat

Use an etching solution to open the concrete up and get down deep into the area that has been breached. Use a paint roller or a bottle of spray to add a fresh coat of sealant to the entire area. You should then wait for this first coat of sealant to fully dry.

Add a Second Coat

For best results, you should then add a second coat of sealant, but you should put this on in the opposite direction across the concrete. This will help ensure a strong seal that should last a long time. Again, make sure the second coat has plenty of time to fully dry before you walk or drive over the newly sealed concrete.

Contact a Professional

If the above steps seem like too much work or you don't have any previous experience, it might be worth it to just hire a professional. A company that offers concrete sealing in your neck of the woods will be able to get the job done faster than you would on your own, allowing to use your restored concrete driveway or sidewalk again sooner rather than later.

To learn more about concrete sealing in your area, contact a contractor.


27 January 2020

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