A Land Survey Can Help You Be More Precise With A Number Of Things About Your Property

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A land survey can either help you get more information about a piece of property you are looking to buy or learn more about a piece of property you want to start doing more with. With the help of a professional surveyor, you will gain valuable information including the precise location of everything from your land's boundaries to utility lines. Here's how the precision of a land survey can help you.

Know Exactly Where Your Property Ends and Your Neighbor's Begins

Are you looking to build additional structures on your property? Maybe do a little landscaping out on the outskirts? What you don't want to do in this situation is start moving the soil around and only then find out that you have encroached onto your neighbor's land. You'll then likely be responsible for fixing any damage caused, and there could even be the possibility of a lawsuit. With the help of a land survey, you will have documentation proving exactly where your land ends and your neighbor's begins, hopefully preventing any disputes from happening.

Don't Blow Up Your Utility Line or the Town's Plumbing Main

A land survey doesn't just tell you what's going on above the ground, but what's underneath it as well. Your final report will include a clear depiction of exactly where any incoming utility lines are located. You may even discover that your neighbor or the local town already has an easement that allows a particular utility line to run across a portion of your property. This is critical information because if you ever start digging on your property to either build a new structure, install a water well, a septic tank or something else, you will need to make sure that you will not be rupturing or otherwise damaging any of these lines on your way down.

Figure Out the Geography Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

If you have not yet purchased a piece of land and want to know more information about it, you could talk to the current property owner about letting you hire a land surveyor to assess the property. If you intend to build on a plot of land in the future, you should be sure that there is enough space to do what you want. The land survey could, for example, let you know that a good portion of the land actually has a bit of a slope to it, and that might not be ideal for building.

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28 January 2021

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