How A Brief Inspection Can Make Your Retractable Screens Easier To Use

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Retractable screens are so handy to have. They mean no more screen doors suddenly swinging shut and banging loudly against the door frame. But these screens are like any other household fixture in that they can eventually start to have problems if you don't keep an eye on them. And with "invisible" retractable screens, which are barely visible when closed, it's inevitable that someone will run into the screen and nearly yank it out of its tracks.

7 November 2018

Myths About Well Water You Should Not Believe

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Having a private water well can be a source of freedom, especially if you live in a rural area. You don't have to depend on city water supplies, and you don't have to pay to have water delivered. You also don't have to pay a monthly water bill, which turns into a lifetime of savings. However, some people avoid drilling a well because of mistaken beliefs or myths about wells and well water.

25 September 2018

Adding Mortar To An Existing Brick Patio

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Brick patios are very popular. They can be long-lasting if installed properly, but sometimes the mortar in between the bricks may eventually wear down from weather and usage, causing your mortar to be uneven. If you leave it this way, your bricks may move out of place and you'll end up with an uneven patio. Filling in the mortar in between the bricks is important, but it needs to be done properly.

8 August 2018

Things To Know Regarding Your Home's Insulation

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Insulation is a commonly misunderstood part of homes, and this can lead to issues when homeowners are needing to have work done on their insulation. In particular, homeowners will find that learning some of the basics about insulation work can help them as they navigate this aspect of home ownership. Will Insulation Ever Need To Be Replaced? Some homeowners will assume that their insulation will never need to be replaced once it is installed.

30 June 2018

Reasons To Have A Dog Washbasin Built Into Your Custom Home

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If you're an avid dog owner and are having a custom home built, you'll want to think of features that will cater to your four-legged friends. One such feature is a washbasin in a suitable location — perhaps near one of the exterior doors or maybe even in the garage. This fixture will allow you to wash your dog with ease after a muddy walk in the woods or a trip to the nearest beach.

17 May 2018

How To Make Over A Laminate Counter With Tile

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Laminate surfaces are made from several sheets of plastic or Kraft paper glued to particle board. However, you may grow tired of the laminate, but you don't want the cost and hassle of replacement. If the laminate surface is still in good shape, consider installing ceramic tiles directly over the surface to change the look. Follow these steps to update your laminate countertops with ceramic tile. Prepare to Lay the Tile

29 March 2018

Why Your Asphalt Driveway Looks Worn Out & What to Do About It

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If you're embarrassed by your ugly asphalt driveway, then you should consider having it repaired. There are ways of fixing a worn down driveway that are more affordable than installing a new driveway. Here's why your driveway has deteriorated and how a contractor can make it look like new. What Things Age Asphalt Asphalt is durable, but weather conditions take a toll on it. UV rays are particularly damaging in that they can fade the color from rich black to pale gray.

9 January 2018