How To Keep Your Window Screens In Good Shape In Homes With Cats

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While you may enjoy opening the windows at home to allow in a cool breeze, it could lead to damage to the window screens if you have cats. Luckily, with some preparations, you can prevent any damage to the screens and the need for repairs by focusing on a few key things. With the following tips, you'll be able to maintain the condition of your window screens, even with cats that enjoy looking outside.

21 July 2015

Answering A Couple Of Questions About Maintaining A Tile Floor

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Tile flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners due to its beautiful appearance and durability. Unfortunately, these floors will eventually need to be cleaned to remove a variety of substances that can accumulate on them. Yet many new homeowners may not be sure of how to clean this type of flooring, and if you are one of these people, having the following questions about this task answered should help you to keep your tile flooring in excellent condition for years to come.

10 July 2015

Wet Basements: Understanding Your Waterproofing Options

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A wet basement can lead to interior damage, especially in finished basements or in storage areas. It also can raise the humidity in your home, leading to dampness throughout and an increased chance of mold and mildew. Fortunately, you have several waterproofing options that fall into two main categories – interior or exterior. This guide can help you determine which method is best for you. Basic Waterproofing Options Exterior options for basement waterproofing include the addition of drain fields or the application of an exterior membrane or waterproof coating.

19 June 2015

Stay Comfortable And Protect Your Investment - Tips For Maintaining Your Gas Furnace

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Owning your own home is tremendously rewarding and exciting, but it also requires you to build up knowledge about a variety of maintenance tasks that, at time, can seem almost endless. However, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is perhaps the most important of these tasks, as it also plays a role in maintaining the lifespan of a number of smaller items. Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for maintaining your gas furnace in your home.

8 June 2015

Got Knob And Tube Wiring? 3 Reasons Why It Could Be Putting Your Home And Life In Jeopardy

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While it's a widely held belief that knob and tube wiring is inherently dangerous, it is not dangerous as long as it is in good working order. However, this type of wiring was used from 1880 to 1930, so most of the wiring lurking behind the walls in older homes has some issues due to age. Additionally, knob and tube wiring has been made dangerous, in many cases, due to upgrades within the home and within the electrical system itself.

26 May 2015

Top 6 Ways To Protect Your Home From Hurricanes

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Hurricanes are devastating storms that cause billions in property damage each year. Hurricane season is fast approaching, beginning in June. If you live in the southeast region of the US, you know that the warm, lazy days of summer can also bring deadly storms. Here are six ways to protect your home from hurricanes: 1. Install storm doors. Replace your front and back doors with storm doors. These storm doors should not have windows or glass parts, since these can go flying in high wind conditions.

25 May 2015

About Managing Wastewater By Investing In A Septic Tank System For Your Home

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Did you purchase a home in a rural area with no access to a municipal sewer plant? Investing in a septic tank system is something you must consider it you want to manage the wastewater coming out of your home. Find out below how a septic tank system is able to manage wastewater, as well as an estimate of what tank pumping will cost. How is Wastewater Managed by a Septic Tank System?

11 May 2015