Why You Should Go Green With Your Commercial Roof

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Getting a new roof for your commercial business is an investment that you should carefully consider, as installation of the right one can last decades with little or no maintenance. Whether you're interested in improving your existing commercial property or need to replace an aging roof, there are advantages to going green with a flat roof. Good For Your Wallet Hiring a commercial roofing contractor to install a green roof can cost you about twice the amount of having shingles, the most affordable option for roofing.

10 December 2014

Is Your Home Eco-Friendly? 3 Ways You Can Go Green While Building Or Maintaining Your Home


Do you ever think about what happens to construction materials when they are hauled away from the work site? While some contractors recycle everything they can, much of what they can't goes into landfills. Although they do their best, they can't do recycle alone. It's up to you as a consumer to do more. So, if you're building a new home or repairing or remodeling the one you have, the choices you make go a long way in helping your contractor go green.

5 December 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Crack Filling


If you need to fill in a crack in pavement or asphalt, then you might think the process would be very simple. In fact, there are a huge number of factors to consider when filling in cracks, enough to warrant the services of a professional paving contractor. Here are some of the considerations that must be made: According to the University of Texas, there are six criteria which should be met in order to proceed with a crack filling.

30 November 2014

Six Strategies To Keep Your Home Safer

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When you think of ways to make your home a bit safer, you may overlook some fairly basic, practical strategies. Adopt the following practices in your own home to reduce incidents that could put you or your loved ones in jeopardy. Six strategies to make your home a bit safer include the following: Pave the exterior surfaces. Taking a tumble on the uneven surfaces around your home can result in injuries, and rough driveways may cause damage to your vehicle over time.

24 November 2014