Buying Lumber For Your DIY Project: How To Save Cash

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Whether you are looking to build a deck, build a small shed or tackle another type of DIY project, you might be looking forward to getting started. One thing that you might not be looking forward to, however, is spending your hard-earned cash on lumber. Lumber can be pretty expensive, but there are ways that you can save a lot of money on this aspect of your project. To save money on your lumber, try these simple tips.

15 December 2015

Preparing Your Gutters For A Winter Storm: Three Steps To Take

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Winter storms bring with them lots of heavy snow and ice, which can cause damage to your gutters. Preparing your gutters for winter storms can ensure proper water drainage from your home and prevent ice dams on the sides of the building. Here are three critical steps to take before the first winter snowfall to keep your gutters working smoothly all the way until the spring. Have Your Gutters Cleaned

27 November 2015

Three Energy Efficient Improvements To Integrate Into Your Boiler

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Boilers can be a great way to efficiently heat your home and water for plumbing. They can be used for many different types of heating systems, including central HVAC and radiant flooring systems. They can also be combined with green technologies to help make your home even more energy efficient. Here are some of the things that you can do to make your boiler more energy efficient: 1. Installing Solar Collectors To Reduce Energy Consumption

9 November 2015

How To Repoint The Mortar In A Brick Chimney

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The mortar between the bricks in a chimney should leave no place for water to settle. This will prevent water from pooling up, freezing, and damaging the chimney through the process of frost wedging. Over time, however, the mortar in your chimney can start to wear out, and as it does, it can lead to damage to the bricks in your chimney. Whenever you notice that the mortar in your chimney is starting to fail, you need to act to repair it.

21 October 2015

3 Smart Tips For Taping Off The Room For Paint Projects

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If you decide to tackle the painting process on your own, you must master the art of prep work to achieve excellent results. Your success in taping off the room directly influences the final appearance of the paintjob. Appropriate tape application and removal controls the paint lines and eliminates splatter on otherwise unpainted surfaces. Once you master taping off, you can complete nearly any paint project in your home, from one color coverage to intricately designed accent walls.

7 October 2015

Removing Toys Dropped Down Drains Is Not Child's Play

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Clogs in drains are frequently disasters-in-waiting. A clog causes flooding which, in turn, leads to potentially massive damage to an interior. Mercifully, certain clogs are pretty easy to deal with. Pouring drain cleaner breaks down the obstruction and opens up the pipes. When a little kid (or a big kid) drops a toy down a drain, however, the problem with a clogged drain becomes a bit more complicated. Drain cleaner is not exactly going to melt a toy helicopter made of metal and plastic.

23 September 2015

Clean Your Gutters Every Fall Or Never Clean Them Again: How Gutter Products Make A Difference

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Gutter installers have already begun to receive phone calls this year as autumn begins in the farthest Northern points of the U.S. and leaves and twigs have begun filling gutters. If you find that you just cannot push yourself to climb another ladder and clean another gutter, there is help for you. You can also avoid the annual expense of hiring someone else to clean your gutters with some very useful gutter products and accessories.

3 September 2015

2 Appliances That Can Save You Room In Your Kitchen

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If your kitchen is a little small or you just want more room, one place you can start with is your appliances. If your current appliances have a lot of age on them, this gives you an excuse to purchase new ones. Below is some information about two appliances you may want to consider.  Under the Counter Microwave A microwave oven is a much-used appliance in many kitchens. It usually sits on a countertop, or installed over a stove.

18 August 2015

Fighting Gravity: What Booster Pumps Are And How They Send Water Up Several Stories

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If you are building a high-rise apartment building or just having the plumbing updated in a multi-story complex, you may be wondering how the water flow works. Because of gravity, water fights to flow downward, not upward. That is where commercial plumbing services introduce booster pumps. Booster pumps serve a very particular purpose. Booster Pumps Defined and Explained Booster pumps are water pumps that increase pressure in the plumbing lines and keep it moving upwards.

26 July 2015

How To Keep Your Window Screens In Good Shape In Homes With Cats

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While you may enjoy opening the windows at home to allow in a cool breeze, it could lead to damage to the window screens if you have cats. Luckily, with some preparations, you can prevent any damage to the screens and the need for repairs by focusing on a few key things. With the following tips, you'll be able to maintain the condition of your window screens, even with cats that enjoy looking outside.

21 July 2015