What To Remember About Swimming Pool Covers

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It's time once again to cover up your pool for the winter. Even if you live in an area where winters aren't that bad, your pool is less likely to see use -- and more likely to see leaves and dirt fall into the water. Covering up the pool for winter is easy, but the covers don't cure all. Here's what you have to keep in mind when you place that plastic across the water:

27 November 2017

3 Asphalt Maintenance Tips To Reduce Problems With Cracks And Erosion

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With a good maintenance routine for asphalt pavements, you will be able to reduce wear and make pavements last longer. There are solutions such as, seal coating and curbing that will help to reduce some of the most serious problems with asphalt pavements such as cracks and erosion. Here are some tips that will help ensure that your asphalt pavement lasts for years with few problems: 1. Curbing to Stop Erosion at The Ages of Pavement

26 October 2017

Garage Door Issues You Shouldn't Ignore

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In some people's minds, garage doors are thought to last as long as a house will. For that reason, overlooking or forgetting about changes in the way the door looks or works doesn't seem like a big deal. However, the following issues shouldn't be ignored: Torn Weatherstripping Because they have nothing to do with the movement of the door, the rubber weatherstrip attached to the door edge could be overlooked. However, as the strip wears away and degrades, rain or wind has an easier time entering the garage space.

23 September 2017

Signs It May Be Time To Refinish Your Home's Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring is a very popular floor covering option among today's homeowners. Not only is it beautiful and durable, but hardwood flooring can be sanded down and refinished several times, making it a great option for long-term use. If your home has hardwood flooring, of course you want to keep it looking its best. Specifically, there are a few signs you'll want to be on the lookout for that could indicate the need for refinishing.

30 August 2017

3 Questions To Ask When Inspecting Your Fire Alarms This Year

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If your business is scheduled to have a fire alarm inspection this year, you can help ensure that your business passes their fire alarm inspection by answering the three questions below before your fire inspection. This can help ensure that you are ready for the inspection. #1 Do They Have Working Batteries? The first question you need to ask yourself is if all of the fire alarms in your place of business have working batteries in them.

27 July 2017

3 Things That Will Protect Your Home from Getting Burglarized

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According to some crime reports, a home gets burglarized in the United States every 13 seconds. Of all the burglaries that take place, the most common point of entrance for burglars is the front door. Other common ways they get in include first-floor windows, back doors, and the garage. If you want to protect your home from getting burglarized, here are three ways to do so.  Custom Gates with Added Security

13 January 2017

Looking To Remodel Your Home To Better Use Space? Unique Ideas For You


If you are thinking about starting a home remodeling project, you may have many different possibilities in mind. However, if you are looking to remodel your home so that you can maximize your space and put it to better use, you may be stumped as far as what you can do to accomplish your goals. There are numerous unique ways that you can renovate and remodel your home to better use space and create a fun and interesting design for your home.

12 January 2017

Building a New Home? Two Tips to Help You Select the Right General Contractor

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When it comes to building a home, few things are as important as choosing the right general contractor.  The general contractor you select can literally make or break the project because they play such a critical role in getting the task completed.  They hire workers, buy materials, and oversee the building process to make sure that it is completed on schedule.  That's why it's so vital for you to make the right choice.

10 January 2017

Three Handy Plumbing Tools That Can Save You From Costly Repairs


There are many tools that are great to have around your home to do maintenance and repairs. Your toolbox should also include some essential plumbing tools. With the right plumbing tools, you will solve some of the most common plumbing problems easily and avoid costly repairs. Here are the plumbing tools that can help you with common plumbing problems around your home: 1. Longer Plumbing Snakes That Can Get Deep Clogs

10 January 2017

Strip Or Parquet Solid Wood Floors...Which Will Be Best For Your Home?

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Whether you are tired of the musty carpets in your home storing allergens that can make it miserable to be at home or the scratches and damage to your existing floors can no longer be ignored, choosing the right type of wood floors is an important decision. Wood flooring provides the aesthetic appeal and long life that most homeowners want without the potential for allergic reactions that few people want. Two of the most common types of wood that can be used for new solid flooring are strip and parquet and the following information will be useful as you determine which type of solid wood floor is best for your home.

4 January 2017